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Wildlife Issues: Problems and Solutions

TigerThe biggest threat to the planet’s wildlife is our tendency to become overly emotional when confronted by issues that we feel are extremely important. Once the hackles go up, the voice gets louder and the ears seem to close. This leads to the increasing polarization that is frightfully pervasive in America today. This will never lead to a balanced approach to wildlife management.

In some cases where an animal, like the Tiger, is on the brink of extinction, it is quite obvious that we simply need to support (with our dollars) law enforcement of the existing hunting bans in all countries where Tigers still live. This will create the time to consider the more complex issues of diminishing habitat, and cohabitation with such a powerful predator.

But, in the case of an animal like the Wolf, there is no obvious course of action, and a good deal of rational analysis is critical, if we are to come up with a sensible plan that will adequately address all the complex concerns. We need to educate ourselves and try, if at all possible, to see the whole picture.

So, I would like to help you to gather some information about the problems facing each of these animals (that I have tried to embody in wood), in hopes that we can develop a rational, sane, and, yes, “loving” sense of stewardship toward our wild co-inhabitants on this Planet.