$1.00 from each toy sold is donated to acquire and manage protected habitat for tigers.
Wildlife Toys

Hardwood Animated Toys

Designed and built in the wooded hills of Southeastern Ohio.

Animated Wood Animal Pull Toys and Push Toys, designed and built by David Wakefield

I design and build these animated wood animal pull toys and push toys here in the heart of the eastern hardwood forest. The wood for these toys is harvested responsibly, in some cases from my own forest. These animated wood animal pull toys and push toys are built out of wood so that they will last for generations if treated with respect, as well as being pleasing to a child’s eyes, hands, heart, and mind. The wood itself nurtures a sense of connectedness to our natural world, while the animated animal toys embody a sense of wildness and engender a compassion for all our cohabiters on this planet. Animated wood animal pull toys and push toys, teaching respect through play. Wildlife-toys.com.